We’re constantly shipping. Here is a rundown of the latest updates and improvements to Wrk.

November 22, 2021

Overview and messages visibility

We added the ability to set the overview and messages feed of individual candidates to be visible to admins only. This can be set within application settings when editing a candidates profile.

Other improvements

  • Application forms now have a single name field to be more inclusive of various formats

September 23, 2021

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved how the Webflow CMS integration handles job category syncing
  • Added a button on the hiring team page that enables an admin to quickly "remove all non-admins" from a hiring team
  • Added the ability for a user to delete comments and reviews they authored on a candidate's overview page
  • The "notes" section has been renamed to "private notes" for increased clarity

September 15, 2021

Improvements & fixes

  • Added fields within candidate profiles to record desired salary and application source
  • Fixed an issue where applications could potentially be submitted without values in required fields

August 26, 2021

Candidate activity feed

Previously, each candidate had a view that displayed their answers to any custom questions that had been added to the application form. With this update, this view has been built out to become a full feed of all actions regarding a candidate. The candidate activity is displayed as a timeline that starts with their initial application and lists other, subsequent events that have taken place. This view provides a high level view of the overall candidate experience and helps facilitate coordination within the hiring team.

Team comments

Hiring team members have the ability to add comments to the candidate activity feed to document events, provide insight, share thoughts, and other purposes. Comments that are posted to a candidate’s activity feed are visible by the entire hiring team. Additionally, we added a C keyboard shortcut for opening the comment modal from anywhere within a candidate profile.

Candidate reviews

Reviews can be posted to a candidates activity feed. Reviews, while similar to comments, include the additional ability to provide a final score for the candidate. Additionally, when conducting a candidate review, a full-screen view is provided to enable the user to focus on the task, easily view candidate information, format the document using our full text-editor, and save in-progress drafts.

Review templates

Templates have been added to enable hiring team admins to encourage structured feedback when team members conduct a candidate review. They are general purpose and can be used to create a library of review instructions, question sets, feedback prompts, and other content. When a team member conducts a candidate review, they have the ability to import templates into their feedback document. When imported, the templated content is inserted into their review and available for additional editing.

Private notes

There is now a notes page within each candidate profile where a user can record private notes that will not be shared with the hiring team.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Adjustments of dark mode colors to reduce contrast
  • Text within resumes is now selectable
  • Labels have been added to differentiate candidates who applied vs those who were manually added
  • The shared hiring document has been moved to the candidate overview section
  • Added an H keyboard shortcut for editing the shared hiring document

August 5, 2021

Dark mode

Wrk now has a full dark theme in addition to the pre-existing light variant. By default, the active theme in Wrk will be synced with your browser settings. You can specify a theme from the preferences page within account settings to override the default syncing behavior.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where application questions could appear out of order for a candidate within a cloned job
  • Fixed an issue where the ordering of hiring stages could not be changed within a cloned job

July 30, 2021

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved the styling of navigation links
  • Added some minimal light and dark styling based off a users current system settings
  • Added the ability to view an original incoming email from the in-app candidate message feed
  • Fixed an issue where dismissing a modal could interfere with navigation

July 22, 2021

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved performance of the "dismiss all" and "mark all as read" functionality on the notifications page
  • Invited organization members are no longer required to create an account directly from the email invitation to be added within the organization

July 10, 2021

Small screen support

We greatly improved how Wrk displays on mobile devices and small screens.

Move candidate

You can now move a candidate from one job to another. When a candidate is moved, the application is completely removed from the current job and added to the destination job. Previously a candidate could only be cloned into a different job, preserving the original application.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Improved performance of the notifications page
  • Added an F keyboard shortcut for opening candidate search
  • Added the ability to drag-and-drop a resume to upload it when one doesn't exist within a candidate profile

June 9, 2021

Additional candidate links

We have added support for additional, default fields for easily collecting common URLs on job applications. The options now include: Linkedin, GitHub, Dribbble, Twitter, and personal website.

Other improvements

  • We've redesigned the add/edit candidate form to handle additional fields

June 6, 2021

Job board custom domains

By default, all Wrk job boards live at However, if you have another domain you would like to use, you can now configure your job board to be displayed there as well. This allows you to treat your Wrk job board as an extension of your website. View the setup guide to get started.

June 1, 2021

Improvements & fixes

  • Added visual affordances to links that open in a new tab
  • Changed references of "company" to "organization"
  • Job board settings have been spereated into multiple categories for better organization
  • Increased the size of the logo on job boards
  • Organization-specific job board favicons are now generated when a logo is uploaded

May 24, 2021

Job board subscriptions

Prospective candidates and other visitors can now subscribe to individual job boards. When an organization publishes a job, an email is automatically sent to all their subscribers, notifying them about the new job opening.

May 20, 2021

Candidate source

You can now add a 'src' url parameter to links when sharing a job post to track where candidates are sourced from. Any candidate who applied from that link will have an additional source value visible in their profile. Additionally, when you export all candidates for a job, source will be included.

For example, would record 'linkedin' as being the candidate source.

Other improvements

  • Added a loading indicator that displays when a job application form is being submitted, processed, and uploaded

May 8, 2021

Job board banner

You can now add an optional, large image or video to be displayed as a banner at the top of your job board. This can be configured from the Job Board page within Account Settings.

Other improvements

  • Improved how conditional form fields are displayed within settings forms

May 4, 2021

New job board layout

Job boards have an all new look and feel. This new layout provides a foundation for several new and upcoming job board features.

Job board title and intro

You can now add additional content to be displayed at the top of your job board. This includes a page title and a short, 280-character intro. This allows you to set the tone of your job board in a way that matches your organization. The job board title and intro can be set from the Job Board page within Account Settings.

Job board filters

New controls have been added to job boards that allow prospective candidates to filter the list of jobs by location, category, and type.

Job location map

If a job has a physical location associated with it, you can now add a map to the job post. This can be added from the Job Details section within Job Setup.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Improved how jobs are synced with Webflow
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Account Settings pages could be opened at once

April 24, 2021

Improvements & fixes

  • Various updates that improve load times and overall application performance
  • Improved support for inserting iframe content in the text editor
  • Email addresses are no longer required when manually adding a candidate to a job

March 6, 2021

Revamped text editor

We've completely rebuilt the editor used in Wrk. This new editor no longer displays markdown syntax, enabling the text to be shown as a live preview of what the output will look like. Additionally, by reducing the dependency on markdown, the editor is now much more approachable and user-friendly.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Enabled OpenType font features to improve text rendering
  • Removed the email requirement when manually adding a candidate to a job
  • Updated role permissions to allow users with the member role to customize the hiring stages for jobs they are assigned to
  • Extended the free trial period to 14-days

February 21, 2021

Developer API

You can now use the Wrk API to access a list of jobs for an organization and to view the details of a specific Job. These API endpoints are currently not authenticated but are rate limited. Learn more at our API documentation site.

February 5, 2021

Candidate export

You can now export a CSV of the candidate information for a job. To do this, click the three dot, overflow menu in the top-right when viewing a job. Then, select 'export candidates' from the dropdown menu. A notification will display that contains a link to download the generated CSV.

January 31, 2021

Bulk candidate messaging

You can now send a message to all candidates within a hiring stage at once. To do so click on the three dot, action overflow icon and select 'Message all' from the dropdown. A modal will be displayed allowing you to create and send the bulk message. For commonly used messages, any existing message template can be used.

Bulk candidate moving

You can now move all candidates from one hiring stage to another at once. To do so click on the three dot, action overflow icon and select 'Move all' from the dropdown. A modal will be displayed allowing you to select the stage you would like to move the candidates to.

January 22, 2021

Message attachments

Candidates can now include file attachments with their messages. Any files included on a message are displayed in the message feed for easy access by the hiring team.

7-day free trial

New companies in Wrk are provided a 7-day free trial upon starting a subscription. During this free trial, all paid features are enabled, allowing for a full evaluation of the product.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users with the role of member did not have the ability to save new custom application questions.

January 19, 2021

Per job pricing

Wrk's pricing model has been updated to a flexible approach where jobs are billed individually at $10 per published job post. This new pricing makes Wrk even more affordable for organizations with limited or infrequent hiring. Learn more on our pricing page.

Billing portal

We now use Stripe's customer billing portal to provide a convenient way to manage your subscription and billing information. You can access the billing portal from within the plan & billing section in Wrk.

December 9, 2020

Clone candidates across jobs

You can now copy a candidates profile from one job to another. This way, a candidate can be considered for a different job than the one they originally applied to. To do so, select "clone candidate" from within the three-dot action overflow menu within a candidate's profile.

Other improvements

  • Improved how SVG company logos are handled for job boards
  • Added visual indication for when a candidate provides an invalid email address
  • Added visual indication for when an admin wouldn't receive new message notifications for a candidate
  • Minor styling updates for various components

November 20, 2020

Custom hiring stages

You can now edit the hiring stages for a job. To do so, visit the new Hiring Stages section within Job Setup. You can remove, add, sort, and rename hiring stages. This allows you to organize your candidates in a way that reflects your ideal hiring process.

November 18, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Messaging is now disabled for a candidate when their email address is found to be invalid
  • Added visual indications for when a candidate has an invalid email address
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for navigating back. Press Esc when in a modal, a job view, the notifications hub, or account settings to cancel the current view and go back.
  • Improved the loading state for the candidate application screen
  • Improved the workflow for manually adding a candidate
  • Fixed an issue where a user would receive a new candidate notification when manually adding a candidate
  • Fixed an issue where a user would receive a notification when adding themselves to a hiring team
  • Fixed an issue where a document update notification would sometimes be sent when the document is first created
  • Fixed an issue where required application questions could potentially be submitted blank

November 16, 2020

Hiring document autosave

Candidate hiring documents will now autosave when their content is updated. After making changes, the updates will automatically be saved after a brief delay. A status message below the document body indicates if all recent changes have been saved.

Other improvements

  • Added a keyboard shortcut for moving a candidate. Press M when viewing a candidate profile to open the move dialog.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for archiving a candidate. Press E when viewing a candidate profile to archive them.

November 12, 2020

Improved candidate moving

We improved how candidates can be moved between hiring stages. Previously, candidates could only be moved sequentially from one stage to the next. With this update, you can now select any hiring stage as a destination when you move a candidate. Additionally, when you move a candidate, you will no longer be navigated with them to the destination stage. Instead, your view will jump to the next candidate in the current hiring stage.

Other improvements

  • Unsaved hiring document changes are now held in session storage to reduce the risk of accidental loss

November 2, 2020

Social share images

We added the ability to have an image be displayed when your job board or job posts are shared on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. A standard "we are hiring" image is displayed by default but you can upload custom images to be used instead.

Other improvements

  • Updates to how candidate profiles are loaded for improved performance

October 27, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved the formatting of candidate messages
  • Improved the layout of the candidate resume viewer
  • Fixed an issue where a resume could occasionally not load

October 19, 2020

Notification hub

We added in-app notification features to provide visibility into all the hiring activity occurring within your organization. You can access the notification hub by clicking the bell icon in the upper right of the application, next to the dropdown user menu.

The notification hub displays notifications across all the jobs for which you are a member of the hiring team. Notifications can be filtered by notification type or job using the provided filters.

Other improvements

  • Improved the general readability of text in multiple areas of the app

October 1, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Added the ability to hide the publish dates for job posts on company job boards
  • Added animations for dropdowns and modals
  • Fixed an issue where previewing a long message template could potentially break the layout
  • Fixed an issue where newline characters in lists would sync incorrectly with Webflow CMS

September 27, 2020

Message templates

We added the ability to create message templates to aid in sending frequently used messages. Placeholders can be used within the template as a way to dynamically populate job or candidate specific information when the template is used to generate a message.

Other improvements

  • Improved the the workflow for updating email addresses

September 14, 2020

Candidate messaging

We added the ability to message candidates from within Wrk. There is a new Messages section under each candidate where hiring team members can send and receive messages with them. Sent messages are delivered to the candidate via email and their replies are displayed in-context, within the message feed.

Other improvements

  • Added the ability for users to upload profile pictures
  • Notification emails have been redesigned

September 4, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved the design of dropdown menus for increased usability
  • Improved how logo uploads are proccessed to better handle slow connections and large image sizes
  • Fixed an issue where an unneccessary email confirmation was being requested for invited team member accounts
  • Fixed an issue where blockquotes were renderering incorrectly in job posts

September 2, 2020

Hiring teams

You can now assign a team of users to individual jobs. It's a great way to split up your hiring efforts when looking to fill multiple roles at once.

Admin roles still have the ability to access every job, but Member roles can only see and interact with the jobs they have been assigned to. Users will also only receive new application notifications for jobs they are assigned to.

You can edit a job's hiring team from the new Hiring team section within Job setup.

Other improvements

  • Added the ability for Admins to filter their job list to view only their assigned jobs, all jobs, or archived jobs
  • Refined member role abilities

August 30, 2020

Candidate quick search

You can now search through all your active candidates. Just begin typing a candidate name into the seach field located at the top of every page and a dropdown will list the matching results. Click on a result, and you'll be navigated directly to their page.

The candidate quick search includes candidates from every active job that you have access to.

Other improvements

  • New application email notifications are now available for all team members; previously only account owners received notifications
  • Added the ability to opt out of email notifications
  • Added a link to this changelog in the user navigation dropdown

August 23, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Added support for multiple-choice questions on application forms
  • Added the ability to create and manage custom job categories
  • Added the ability to control the order that job categories are presented on company job boards
  • Added the ability to preview hidden job posts directly from the job list
  • Added the ability to set a remote job as 'remote only' or 'remote optional'
  • Changed all titles and labels to be sentence case
  • Fixed an issue where published job posts could no longer be previewed directly from the job list after a subscription became inactive

August 14, 2020

Publish jobs to a Webflow site

We added the ability to have your Wrk jobs be published to a Webflow site via their CMS features. As you create, edit, and remove jobs in Wrk, a Webflow CMS collection of jobs can be updated automatically.

You can configure this feature in the new Integrations section found within Account Settings. Full details on how to set everything up can be found in our write-up.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Moved the Google Analytics & Google Jobs features to the new Integrations section
  • Added the ability to initate a job to sync with all active distribution destinations
  • Fixed an issue where a blank subscription type was being shown for some users

August 1, 2020

Embed videos in job posts

We added the ability to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video within a Wrk job post. This feature can be found within each job's Setup section under Job Details. Just include a YouTube or Vimeo URL and save.

Videos appear in a large, dedicated section preceeding the job's description. It's a great way to drive additional interest in an opportunity or your company in general.

July 24, 2020

Distribute job posts to We Work Remotely

We added the ability to create a post on We Work Remotely directly from Wrk. This integration is our first of many planned integrations for job post distribution.

You can find the ability to create and manage We Work Remotely job posts within the new Distribution section that exists for each job in Wrk.

Additional information available in our announcement blog post.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an active subscriptions would not show for legacy plans

July 10, 2020

View past invoices

We added the ability to view past billing invoices within Wrk. They can be found on the Plan & Billing page, listed below the subscription options.

Other improvements

  • Additional improvements to the job board layout

July 5, 2020

Add additional content to company job boards

We added the ability for users to add additional page content to their company job board. This content will be shown below the job list. New content can be added within the Job Board settings page of the app. Markdown is supported for flexible yet powerful formatting.

Other improvements

  • Updated the company job board layout for allow for custom content
  • Additional improvements to the markdown editor styling

June 24, 2020

Hide company logo or name on job boards

Company job boards how have a setting to control what visuals display at the top of the page. The options are to show the company logo and name, show only the logo, or show only the name.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the handling of job location changes
  • Fixed a bug with the displaying of remote workday time restrictions
  • Improved the styling applied to syntax in the markdown editor

May 21, 2020

Support for Google Jobs

We added a job board setting that enables your published job posts to appear in Google Jobs. That way, when people run Google searchs for jobs at your company, your posts will appear in the results as part of a specialized jobs widget.

All this happens automatically when you publish. We call the Google Search Indexing API and your job will soon-after show up as a Google Search result.

Support for Google Analytics

We added a field to the Job Board settings where you can enter your Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID. This tracking ID will be added to every page of your Company Job Board to enable tracking of visitor activity through the Google Analytics dashboard.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Fixed the display of candidate LinkedIn URLs
  • Added a 'Share on LinkedIn' link to job posts
  • Changed the ordering of the navigation in Account Settings

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