One-click distribution to We Work Remotely’s community of 2.5M job seekers

Posted by Corey Daniels on July 24, 2020

We Work Remotely is the #1 remote job board. With over 2.5 million monthly visitors, they're the home of the world's largest community of remote workers. There's simply no better place to promote a remote job opportunity than on We Work Remotely. With that considered, we have some exciting news.

We're happy to announce our partnership with We Work Remotely! With our new integration, you'll be able to distribute your Wrk job posts to We Work Remotely in a matter of seconds.

the we work remotely home page

After you've created a job post in Wrk, visit its Distribution section where you'll see We Work Remotely listed (we're currently evaluating other job boards for inclusion here, so if you have a job board you would like us to include, just let us know). There's a simple form to fill out with three required fields to populate. These required fields correspond with categories and filters on We Work Remotely and will allow your job to easily be found by job seekers.

the we work remotely distribution page in wrk

After providing the required information, you just click checkout, and your job will instantly be displayed on the We Work Remotely site. It costs $299 to create a job post; the same price as if you created it directly on the We Work Remotely website. We just make it quicker and more convenient to create and manage the post. After purchase, the post stays on We Work Remotely's site for 30-days, after which, you'll be able to re-post it if needed.

There's no better way to post to the world's leading remote job board than through Wrk. With just a few clicks you'll be able to expose your job to a massive audience of remote job seekers.

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